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Pokémon Go: The Best Tips, Hints, Tricks, And Strategies to Expert Play

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a new augmented reality game that uses the clock and GPS features on the player’s phone or device. Niantic Labs developed Pokémon Go and included some of the basic features of its previous Pokémon Games. The main difference between older Pokémon games and Pokémon Go is that the other games were built on hand-held consoles. Pokémon Go utilizes mobile devices and encourages players to explore their environment. The free game is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Players must download, install the app, and sign in with their Google accounts or with a Pokémon Trainer Club.

How to Play Pokémon Go

Playing Pokémon Go has two sides that include hunting for monsters and battling at Gyms. Players or trainers as they are referred to in the game throw Poke Balls to catch monsters. The game uses the GPS and clock on the trainer’s device to provide monsters on the sighting screen. Pokémon Go has more than a hundred monsters of different species that trainers can hunt. The game suggests different species of monsters at different geographical locations in the real world. The species also vary with time. Some wild monsters are only available at night.

After signing in, Pokémon Go provides three monsters that a trainer can catch. Once a trainer catches the first successfully, the other two monsters disappear. To catch a monster, a player taps and holds a Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen. A ring appears on the target Pokémon and starts to shrink. The player releases the Ball when the ring reaches its smallest size. An alternative and more effective way is to throw curve Balls at monsters by spinning the Ball instead of holding it down.

Trainers must move from place to place to get new monsters. Catching new monsters and other in-game activities earns players experience points. Moving from one level to another as a trainer depends on the accumulated experience points. Trainers can get multiple Pokémon at Pokestops, which in most cases are populated areas. Parks are also good places to hunt. A trainer can access special items at higher levels, which can lure Pokémon to the trainer’s location. The special items are accessible at Pokestops and include Poke Balls, incense, Eggs, Incubators, lures, potions, revives, and Lucky Eggs.

Catching new monsters earns a trainer Stardust and Candy. Each monster has a level and combat power. The combat power refers to the monster’s strength in battle. Stardust currencies increase a monster’s combat power. Players can evolve their monsters to stronger species by feeding them on Candy. The essence of powering up and evolving monsters is to get strong monsters that can win battles at Gyms. Trainers can join a team and battle in Gyms after attaining level five in the game. Players can train the monsters at friendly Gyms by battling them with the Gym’s defenders.

Pokémon Go has three teams that battle for ownership of Gyms. Teams leave their strongest Pokémon in their Gyms as defenders. Rival teams will try to knock out the defenders and take over the Gyms. Winning fights in Gyms earns trainers experience points and Poke Coins, which are in-game currencies used to buy extra special items at the shop. Trainers can get new monsters by hatching Pokémon Eggs. Players can collect Pokémon Eggs at Pokestops or purchase them at the shop. A trainer must place an Egg in an Incubator and travel for a given distance for the Egg to hatch.

The Best Pokémon Go Tips, Hints, and Secrets

Catching and hatching new monsters, evolving Pokémon, winning battles, and exploring Pokestops enable trainers to earn extra experience points. Players can reach the highest trainer level fast by accumulating thousands of experience points. Here are some hints and secrets that will help a trainer excel in in-game activities to accumulate experience points.

Learning how to throw a perfect curve Ball

Curve Balls are more effective in capturing Pokémon than the normal throw. A trainer can catch all the monsters that pop up on the sighting screen by mastering this technique.

Catching many Pokémon of the same type

Catching many monsters helps a trainer level up fast. Catching monsters of the same species enables a trainer to earn extra candies. The trainer will accumulate enough Candies to evolve Pokémon.

Exploring Pokestops

Pokestops have multiple monsters that all players in the location can catch. A trainer can earn many points by exploring Pokestops and using the special items available. Items like incense and lures that are accessible at these Stops make monsters easier to catch.

Use Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs double a trainer’s experience points from in-game activities. For instance, using Lucky Eggs before a battle earns the trainer 1000 points instead of the standard 500 points. The secret is to use them just before the activity and finish the activity before the 30-minutes validity period elapses.

Turning off the AR background

Pokémon Go displays monsters on the Augmented Reality (AR) background. However, the game gives a trainer an alternative of catching the monster on a computer-generated background. Catching monsters on the computer-generated background is easier than on the AR background.

Evolving Pokémon with a higher CP

Pokémon evolves into stronger species but the new species remain on the same level on the CP bar. Evolving monsters with a high CP gives a trainer new species with a high CP, which are necessary to win Gym battles.

Adding different types of Pokémon in Gyms

Placing the same type of Pokémon in a Gym is risky because other teams with matching elements can defeat the Pokémon easily. Different types of Pokémon with high CP enable a team to hold a Gym for longer hours and earn extra Poke Coins.

Hunting at different types of the day

Most players hunt during the day, especially in the afternoon. Hunting at night and early in the morning enables trainers to catch new types of Pokémon.

Training and battling monsters with high CP

A Pokémon’s CP determines a trainer’s chances of winning Gym battles. A trainer should select monsters with high CP to win Gym battles.

Using Ingress

Pokémon Go uses the same map as Ingress. Trainers can trace Pokestops easily on Pokémon Go by tracing portals on Ingress.


Nintendo released its latest version of Pokémon games, Pokémon Go in July 2016. The augmented reality game has some features of the older versions of Pokémon games and new features as well. This book provides a beginner’s guide to playing Pokémon Go. The guide introduces Pokémon Go to the reader and provides all the details that new and experienced players need to play the game. The developers of Pokémon Go retained some features of previous Pokémon games and other augment reality games as well. This book explores the differences and similarities between Pokémon Go and other Pokémon games. This information is important to readers who have been playing the handheld Pokémon games.

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