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This book contains a complete biography of the former First Lady. The author traces her family background to the paternal and maternal ancestry. The book also describes Hillary’s childhood and education. Hillary’s interest and participation in the political arena started when she was pursuing her law degree. The book describes her life in college and outlines all the projects and campaigns she was involved in while still in school. The book also names the people who helped Clinton to start her political career in those formative years.

Some of the things you will learn about Hillary Clinton in the book include:

Hillary’s achievements as a law student and intern

Clinton’s wedding and marriage to the former president Bill Clinton

Her achievements as the first lady of Arkansas

Her life in the White House and achievements as the First Lady of the United States

Scandals and controversies in Hillary’s political career

Hillary’s campaigns and achievements as a senator

Achievements as the Secretary of State

Hillary’s political positions and religion

Her presidential bid in 2008 and 2016

Hillary’s nomination and campaign as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016

You will learn everything about the former First Lady in this book. I believe that the book will inspire you to pursue your career and dreams against all odds. Kindly let me know what you think about this book by leaving a review at Do not forget to share the book with others.


If you’ve tried out almost each and every diet available but you still experience weight problems, then you’ve been making use of the inappropriate approaches all along. The “No More Diets” delivers an effective yet impressive diet approach that you are able to apply for all of your life. Experience a healthful and energetic lifestyle through taking the essential steps to improve your diet and habits. In this book, you’ll be familiar with the healthy foods that you must always have in your home.

You’ll also discover delightful, satisfying, nutritious, and easy recipes. Don’t forget that weight gain is usually the effect of eating bad kinds of food. With the help of this guide, you’ll no more need to experience food cravings and consequentially, food binges. Alternatively, you’ll be adding nourishment to your body with nutrient-loaded calories that will keep you full and enable you to get to the healthy and balanced weight that is fit for your body.

The aim of this book is to inspire you to change your life and have a better look at it and specifically explains:

This book includes all that you need to stay physically and mentally active without leaving your favorite healthy foods that not only good in taste but also supply an ample number of essential nutrients. This book emphasizes the importance of healthy eating that encourages to eat a variety of colorful healthy foods and to live mindfully.

Healthy recipes that provide you all essential nutrients required for proper mental and physical growth.

It contains a short but detailed information about skipping healthy and natural foods. (like) Skipping healthful fats, protein and carbs has weakened our immune system and is affecting our mental & physical health.

You will find a set of solid evidence about healthy eating and the dangers of strict eating in this book. (like) Enough solid evidence provided by researchers that consuming all healthy foods containing healthy fats, carbs, proteins, minerals, and vitamins is the only way to live longer and healthier has illuminated the importance of healthy eating. The results of medical research about eating all healthy foods have changed or wipe out the idea of strict eating.

You will also find easy to follow recipes containing healthy nutrient rich ingredients along with detailed meal plans.

It contains a large part of fundamentals of healthy eating. You will learn how to live easy and how to get rid of tortuous strict diets.


A Diet for Better Energy: What Foods are good for Energy?

A diet that mainly contains all essential natural nutrients that cause energy generation through cellular respiration or food burning process is referred as energy diet. Energy provides us with the sufficient energy to our different physical systems such as respiratory system, excretory system, digestive system, nervous system, reproductive system and blood and other liquid circulation systems, etc.

Essentially, energy diet boosts up our physical energy level and basal metabolic rate (BMR). Our body is designed to maintain all internal body systems described above, even when we are not working or doing any physical activity to produce energy for these systems. Energy diet provides energy for the proper functioning of these internal body systems.

Importance of Energy

Our body requires energy for different cellular processes such as metabolic processes (anabolic and catabolic) and cellular respiration. Energy is also required by our body for driving our muscles and for sustaining metabolism. These processes utilize energy in different constructive reactions and produce energy during the combustion of food in the presence of oxygen. Food after digestion assimilates in our blood and thus it reaches the whole body for combustion in order to generate energy that allows our body to perform different physiological routine activities of life.

Food is our fuel and burns in our cells in the presence of oxygen supplied by blood after an assimilation process of digested food. Mainly, our food contains different nutrients such as water, minerals, Vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fibers, and proteins. These nutrients are required by our body in different amounts depending on the physical activities. Lack of these nutrients (less than sufficient amount) may cause low energy level.

Sometimes bad foods that contain processed carbs, food preservatives, and food additives and over cooked ingredients, can cause several health issues such as overeating or binge eating, hunger pangs, fatigue due to low energy level and metabolic disorders. Foods containing right or natural nutrients trigger healthy weight loss and fulfill all energy demands. If your energy level is low and you are unable to perform several healthy activities in routine life, then you can kick start your vitality by adopting a healthy energy diet plan by making a bit of change in your diet plan. You can satisfy your appetite with both healthy and unhealthy foods, but choosing healthy foods is the right thing you can do for your health.

Most of the unhealthy and energetic diets containing bad carbohydrates (processed or refined carbs) and fats are considered hazardous to our health and fitness. These fats and carbs are high in calories, which in turn trigger weight gain and metabolic disorders sometimes result in diabetes and cardiovascular health issues. Despite the health issues caused by these foods are increasing day after day, the number of addicted persons is increasing rapidly. To meet the energy demands or needs of the body, we need to make a healthy energy diet plan that contains 100% natural and right ingredients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

Effects of Low Energy Level

Energy is the ability to do work, physics says. This definition can also work for humans and other living organisms. We need the energy to perform different physiological activities and also for the proper functioning of our body organs such as our lungs need the energy to make a better exchange of gasses, our digestive system needs energy for better digestion, our reproductive system also needs energy for better sexual abilities and reproduction etc.

Here are some side effects of lower energy level in our body:

The low energy level in our body causes fatigue, dizziness, and dysfunction of body organs.

Low energy level also causes overeating that leads to excessive weight gain and obesity.

Practicing hard and long duration workouts by the people with low energy level can suffer from loss of water and muscle tissues.

Although, these people are succeeded to lose weight, but after that when their muscles are rebuilt and water loss is restored, they gain their weight back.

Low energy level can also disturb our metabolism by lowering metabolic rate beyond a safe level.

Short breaths due to less energy level of our respiratory system.

Low energy level leads to the inability to do work properly or actively.

People suffer from lower energy neither can think clearly nor decides wisely.

Low energy level also lowers the efficiency of our brain, because our brain needs 20% energy of all the body energy for proper functioning.

Decreased energy level can also trigger indigestion and nausea.

Some Basic Ways to Boost Energy:

There are three ways of boosting your physiological energy level.

By following a healthy and energy diet.

By leaving all bad foods such as caffeine, alcoholic drinks, junk foods and foods containing food preservatives and additives.

By following a suitable exercise plan that triggers energy production by improving metabolic rate, excretory system, and digestive system.

Everything should be taken to a safe limit, neither too much nor too little. Our body needs several foods that contain a variety of healthy nutrients and these nutrients in return cause energy generation


In life we are always faced with situations that need us to make choices that help us decided on what to do. Donald John Trump is a perfect example of people in the world that made good decisions based on the trials and success he has faced. Trump teaches us that every important decision that we make is going to determine what will happen in our lives in the future. Many are the times that we fall victims of bad decisions in life, but Donald trump is further explaining to us that we should always give a thought to what the outcome will be after making a decision. Trump gives us an easy example that is; we have to decide when to get out of bed and what we are going to do as soon as we get up.

There are many different circumstances and decisions outside of our control, that reflect on our lives, such as the regulations and rules from organizations and government. With his experiences in life and in business, he knows that people’s decisions can affect them in a small or a big way.

Furthermore, he wants to teach business and life lessons to different individuals by making everyone realize that having a family is an option that many people have, and it affects every aspect of human life from birth to death. Marrying someone starts with a decision and having children starts with a choice. Saving for your children’s future is an option that many parents are making every day. Succeeding in life and business is a process of continually making choices, which are never easy to make. Donald Trump knows that everything in life is a series of decisions that many of which you control the outcome of, and some you do not. Therefore, succeeding is your choice and yours alone. It is your decision that determines the way that you are going to travel in life, so start making knowledgeable and wise decisions in order to achieve all of your dreams and objectives before it is too late.

A Short Summary of Trump’s Life story

Donald John Trump is one of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs on the planet and is personally one of my favorite entrepreneurs. He is primarily a real estate mogul, author, television personality, and overall CEO of Trump Organization. Donald Trump has his name on almost everything, including books, clothing, board games, iPhone Apps, and more. It is really his great branding and excellent business skills that have gotten him to be as successful as he is.

Life hasn’t been a complete success for Trump, as he was in serious debt with financial trouble in the 1980s and part of the 1990s. Trump experienced slumps with some of his real estate investments, and a sluggish market, which led to Trump owing a lot of people a lot of money, that he couldn’t necessarily pay back on time. Since the later 1990s, Trump has recovered and is said to be worth somewhere around $3 billion.

Some of his most famous buildings include Trump Tower, located on 5th avenue in the heart of New York City, Trump World Tower, which is located in United Nations Tower, in New York City, The Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza, and various real estate he owns throughout the world and New York City. Trump also has owned many different top notch resorts, golf courses, gaming, and more, although some of his gaming locations have faced financial difficulties, especially in the 2008 recession.

Other Trump projects include being part owner of NBC of the Miss Universe Pageant, which is always extremely popular. Other Trump businesses include Trump Financial, Trump University, Trump Sales and Leasing, Donald J. Trump Signature Collection (clothing), Trump Magazine, Trump Golf, Trump Vodka, Trump steaks, and more. Trump has also written over 14 books so far in his career, with no end to stop. After reading some of his books, they were actually pretty interesting, and occasionally helpful, although reading them will not turn you into a millionaire. He is also part of the hit show on NBC, The Apprentice, which is part of why he has been in the public spotlight so much in recent years.

Donald Trump is a very well-known and well-respected businessman. If you have not heard his name, you have probably been living in the bush your whole life. Some of the things that Donald Trump is primarily known for is his large real Donald Trump knows how to build wealth. Donald Trump has built fortunes and then lost it in a recession. But what remains is that Trump can build an empire regardless of the situation.


Pokémon Go: The Best Tips, Hints, Tricks, And Strategies to Expert Play

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a new augmented reality game that uses the clock and GPS features on the player’s phone or device. Niantic Labs developed Pokémon Go and included some of the basic features of its previous Pokémon Games. The main difference between older Pokémon games and Pokémon Go is that the other games were built on hand-held consoles. Pokémon Go utilizes mobile devices and encourages players to explore their environment. The free game is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Players must download, install the app, and sign in with their Google accounts or with a Pokémon Trainer Club.

How to Play Pokémon Go

Playing Pokémon Go has two sides that include hunting for monsters and battling at Gyms. Players or trainers as they are referred to in the game throw Poke Balls to catch monsters. The game uses the GPS and clock on the trainer’s device to provide monsters on the sighting screen. Pokémon Go has more than a hundred monsters of different species that trainers can hunt. The game suggests different species of monsters at different geographical locations in the real world. The species also vary with time. Some wild monsters are only available at night.

After signing in, Pokémon Go provides three monsters that a trainer can catch. Once a trainer catches the first successfully, the other two monsters disappear. To catch a monster, a player taps and holds a Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen. A ring appears on the target Pokémon and starts to shrink. The player releases the Ball when the ring reaches its smallest size. An alternative and more effective way is to throw curve Balls at monsters by spinning the Ball instead of holding it down.

Trainers must move from place to place to get new monsters. Catching new monsters and other in-game activities earns players experience points. Moving from one level to another as a trainer depends on the accumulated experience points. Trainers can get multiple Pokémon at Pokestops, which in most cases are populated areas. Parks are also good places to hunt. A trainer can access special items at higher levels, which can lure Pokémon to the trainer’s location. The special items are accessible at Pokestops and include Poke Balls, incense, Eggs, Incubators, lures, potions, revives, and Lucky Eggs.

Catching new monsters earns a trainer Stardust and Candy. Each monster has a level and combat power. The combat power refers to the monster’s strength in battle. Stardust currencies increase a monster’s combat power. Players can evolve their monsters to stronger species by feeding them on Candy. The essence of powering up and evolving monsters is to get strong monsters that can win battles at Gyms. Trainers can join a team and battle in Gyms after attaining level five in the game. Players can train the monsters at friendly Gyms by battling them with the Gym’s defenders.

Pokémon Go has three teams that battle for ownership of Gyms. Teams leave their strongest Pokémon in their Gyms as defenders. Rival teams will try to knock out the defenders and take over the Gyms. Winning fights in Gyms earns trainers experience points and Poke Coins, which are in-game currencies used to buy extra special items at the shop. Trainers can get new monsters by hatching Pokémon Eggs. Players can collect Pokémon Eggs at Pokestops or purchase them at the shop. A trainer must place an Egg in an Incubator and travel for a given distance for the Egg to hatch.

The Best Pokémon Go Tips, Hints, and Secrets

Catching and hatching new monsters, evolving Pokémon, winning battles, and exploring Pokestops enable trainers to earn extra experience points. Players can reach the highest trainer level fast by accumulating thousands of experience points. Here are some hints and secrets that will help a trainer excel in in-game activities to accumulate experience points.

Learning how to throw a perfect curve Ball

Curve Balls are more effective in capturing Pokémon than the normal throw. A trainer can catch all the monsters that pop up on the sighting screen by mastering this technique.

Catching many Pokémon of the same type

Catching many monsters helps a trainer level up fast. Catching monsters of the same species enables a trainer to earn extra candies. The trainer will accumulate enough Candies to evolve Pokémon.

Exploring Pokestops

Pokestops have multiple monsters that all players in the location can catch. A trainer can earn many points by exploring Pokestops and using the special items available. Items like incense and lures that are accessible at these Stops make monsters easier to catch.

Use Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs double a trainer’s experience points from in-game activities. For instance, using Lucky Eggs before a battle earns the trainer 1000 points instead of the standard 500 points. The secret is to use them just before the activity and finish the activity before the 30-minutes validity period elapses.

Turning off the AR background

Pokémon Go displays monsters on the Augmented Reality (AR) background. However, the game gives a trainer an alternative of catching the monster on a computer-generated background. Catching monsters on the computer-generated background is easier than on the AR background.

Evolving Pokémon with a higher CP

Pokémon evolves into stronger species but the new species remain on the same level on the CP bar. Evolving monsters with a high CP gives a trainer new species with a high CP, which are necessary to win Gym battles.

Adding different types of Pokémon in Gyms

Placing the same type of Pokémon in a Gym is risky because other teams with matching elements can defeat the Pokémon easily. Different types of Pokémon with high CP enable a team to hold a Gym for longer hours and earn extra Poke Coins.

Hunting at different types of the day

Most players hunt during the day, especially in the afternoon. Hunting at night and early in the morning enables trainers to catch new types of Pokémon.

Training and battling monsters with high CP

A Pokémon’s CP determines a trainer’s chances of winning Gym battles. A trainer should select monsters with high CP to win Gym battles.

Using Ingress

Pokémon Go uses the same map as Ingress. Trainers can trace Pokestops easily on Pokémon Go by tracing portals on Ingress.


Nintendo released its latest version of Pokémon games, Pokémon Go in July 2016. The augmented reality game has some features of the older versions of Pokémon games and new features as well. This book provides a beginner’s guide to playing Pokémon Go. The guide introduces Pokémon Go to the reader and provides all the details that new and experienced players need to play the game. The developers of Pokémon Go retained some features of previous Pokémon games and other augment reality games as well. This book explores the differences and similarities between Pokémon Go and other Pokémon games. This information is important to readers who have been playing the handheld Pokémon games.

This book provides new players with a systematic guide on how to download, install, and navigate the game app. After reading this book, you will learn how to catch different types of Pokémon, train Pokémon, win battles at Gyms, and how to level up as a trainer. You will learn how to evolve and power up monsters as well. The book outlines all the special items that players can earn and buy in the game. After covering the standard rules of playing the game, the book outlines some tips and tricks on how to play Pokémon Go and level up fast. You will learn how to throw Poke Balls without missing Pokémon and how to use different in-game items to lure more Pokémon.


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to treat the most common skin conditions with natural homemade recipes. Most of us turn to over-the-counter medication, creams, and lotions when we develop a skin condition. Some of these medical remedies may have long terms effects on your skin and health. This book provides different recipes for various skin conditions including rashes, acne, eczema, and blackheads.  Natural remedies for other conditions such as age spots and razor bumps are documented in the book as well.

Before applying any medical or homemade recipe on a skin condition, make sure you get the right diagnose. Sometimes people develop worse skin conditions because of treating the wrong condition. In addition, some skin conditions are caused by other medical conditions such as measles and chickenpox. The right treatment for such skin conditions is to treat the underlying medical condition.

This book provides instructions on how to prepare each recipe. The recommended remedies are proven as effective and safe in treating skin conditions. The book provides several remedies for each condition. Hence, you will find more than one recipe with ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen or local grocery store. In addition, the book gives useful tips at the end on how to apply homemade recipes to avoid worsening your skin condition or any other side effects.


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to deal with stress. You will learn how to be able to tell when you are stressed and not just feeling tired and learn how to take a break when things are truly stressing you out. Not only will you learn how to identify stress and use techniques that will enable you to walk away from them and take a break but you will learn how stress affects everyone differently. For example, did you know that women are more likely to suffer medical complications from stress than men?

The APA (American Psychology Association) has shown the following about how stress affects men and women differently through multiple studies:

28% of women have an 8 or higher point scale level of stress, while men report 20%
49% of women say that in the last 5 years they have had more stress, whereas only 39% of men reported the same.
79% of women report that money and the economy are one of the biggest stress points they have, while 73% of men report the same.
41% of women report emotional symptoms caused by stress, while only 30% of men do.

All of this means that women are not only more likely than men to be under stress, but more likely to suffer short and long term health effects brought on by the stress.

Stress is one of those things in life that everyone has to deal with at one point or another, it is so common, especially in the high octane 24/7 news cycle world we have today that we just accept it. The problem is when we just accept stress as something that happens we start to become complacent and lose track of what other problems stress can cause in our everyday lives.

The first step in understanding how important it is to learn how to handle stress is understanding what stress is at its foundation. The bare bones explanation of stress is that it is the way the body naturally responds to a demand that borders on being too much. The demand that can be put on the body can be good or it can be bad, although most often stress is caused by the bad demands. When stress hits the body, it actually produces a chemical that is released into the blood, once these chemicals are released the body gets a boost of strength and energy. This may be good in the short term, but in the long term this can cause health problems.

Just some of the short-term and long term health issues brought on by stress include:


Gastrointestinal problems
Weight gain


Serious obesity
Alzheimer’s disease
Heart disease
Accelerated aging
Premature death

If these short and long term health problems were not enough to make you worry a recent study done by Psychology Today will. While it has long been proven that PTSD is brought on by certain stresses and triggers the recent studies show that long term stress can actually change the structure of the brain. Daniela Kaufer, of UC Berkeley an associate professor of integrative biology preformed a series of revolutionary experiments that showed when there are chronic elevated levels of cortisol (brought on by stress) the brain starts an overproduction of myelin-producing cells which affect the neuron production of the brain. These changes can affect everything your brain does from thinking to decision making and computing. Whether you are a man or a woman it is important to address stress as soon as you know you are dealing with it on a chronic level. If you do not deal with stress you could become depressed or worse.

The good news is that if you learn how to spot the signs of stress and what it is doing to your body and mind you can learn to cope and head off the health problems before they start. This book will set out to teach you everything you need to know about stress, such as the difference between Eustress and Distress and what you can do to cope. Stress is a normal part of life, but you don’t have to let it be a part of your life that causes problems. Once you know how to spot when you are getting stressed out and have the proper tools to handle the different stressful situations that come up you will be able to shake them off. Having these tools will help to make you a more well balanced person mentally and physically.


Stress relief advice for beginners

One of the best ways to focus on stress relief is meditation. Studies show those who meditate have healthier levels of stress, less heart problems and a variety of other health benefits which include:

Build self-confidence.
Increase serotonin levels, influence mood and behavior.
Help with focus & concentration.
Increases feelings of vitality and refreshment.
Increases emotional stability.
Betters relationships.
Insures the brain ages at slower rate
Increases productivity
Improves relationships at home & work
Ability to see the larger picture in a situation
Aides ignoring petty issues
Increases ability to solve complex problems
Allows you to react quicker and more effectively to a stressful event.
Increase your perceptual ability and performance of motor skills.
Decreases mental illness.
Improves sociable behavior.
Makes it easier to fall asleep and helps insomnia.
Reduces restless thinking.
Reduces tendency to worry.
Creates emotional maturity.

As you can see almost every one of the benefits on this list aid in helping stress reduction and this not a fully inclusive list. In this bonus chapter as a thank you for purchasing this stress book you will learn how to do basic mediation to aid you in stress reduction and improving your overall health.

Step 1: Choose a peaceful environment. Meditation needs to be done in a place that is calming and peaceful for you. This is so that you are able to focus only on the task at hand and keep yourself from being mentally bombarded. Mediation should be practiced in a place that will keep you from being interrupted for the duration of your meditation. This could be a period of 5 minutes or a period that is half an hour or more. The space does not need to be large, it could be a walk in closet, office space or you can go outside, the most important thing is that the area must be someplace private for you.
For those new to meditation, it’s especially important to avoid any outside distractions. You will want to turn off your TV, phone or anything noisy that can cause a distraction for you. If you choose to play music choose something that is calm and repetitive with gentle tones, so as not to break your concentration.

Step 2: Please be aware of what you are wearing and wear comfortable clothing for your meditation session. Since one of the key goals of meditation is to calm the mind and block out external factors you need to give yourself the best chance at doing this. It can be hard to clear your mind if you are feeling physically constricted or uncomfortable. Loose clothing is often the best to wear during meditation and taking your shoes off is another key thing to do for any session.

Step #3: You will need to decide on how long (at least in general) that you wish to meditate. If you ask them most experienced mediators will suggest you mediate for a twenty-minute session two times a day, those new to the process can start with as few as five minutes, one time a day.
Do not give up on your selected time frame and do not give up on mediation just because you think that it is not working. It takes time to practice and ensure that you will get successful meditation. Keep with it and keep trying.

Step 4: Is to stretch out. Mediation makes you sit a single place for a set amount of time. Doing meditation posture can bring some tension or tightness in your muscles so it is important to give them a stretch out before you get into position. It only needs to be a few moments of gentle stretching before your meditation. Not only does this loosen up the muscles, but it helps to prepare your mind for mediation as well. Having a process to follow helps bring your mind into the right space.
It is important to stretch out the neck and the shoulders before you meditate. This is important at any time, but especially important if you have been sitting at a desk before you meditate. You should also do the lower back and legs.

Step 5: Is to pick a comfortable sitting position. As we have already mentioned it is important to be comfortable when you meditate. The traditional position for meditation is sitting at ground level /floor in lotus or the partial lotus position. However, if any part of your body like legs or lower back are not very flexible, lotus positions can bow your lower back and keep you from having your torso balanced at the spine. When meditating you will want to pick a posture that will allow you to be balanced and sitting tall with no back bends.
If lotus or half lotus is not for you, you can sit without having your legs crossed. Choose something comfortable such as a cushion, a chair, or a meditation bench. You need to make sure that your pelvis is tilted forward so that your spine can be centered over the pieces in your rear end that are bony. These are the spots which usually take your weight. If that is not comfortable for you, just pick a position that is. It is your meditation.
Traditional placement of hands for meditation is your hands resting in the lap with the palms facing up, placing your left hand underneath your right. You can however, place your hands on top of your knee-caps or have them loosely down, again, it is your meditation so it is your choice.

Step 6: It is time to begin your meditation. Closing your eyes is the best way for a beginner to start the process. Mediation can be done with eyes opened or closed, but closing them will help block out distractions and outside visual stimulation. It keeps you from being able to calm your mind.
Having keeping eyes closed it is now time to keep track of your breathing. This is the core basis for all kinds of meditation and it is the perfect starting place for beginners. Choose a spot above your hips and focus on that spot mentally. Focus on becoming aware of the rise and fall of your stomach as you breathe in and out. Do not try to change your breathing patterns just breath as you normally would. While you are doing this try to focus only on your breathing and nothing else. Don’t think about anything consciously or pass judgment on how you breathe, just focus on that rise and fall.
Mental images can help during this breathing process, try to focus on images such as imagining a coin sitting on the spot above your belly button, rising and falling with each breath. Picture a buoy as it floats along the water, bobbing up and down with the changes of your breathing. You can even imagine a lotus flower as it sits on your belly and uncurling its petals with every intake of breath you take.

If you find your mind wandering do not worry as a beginner, this is bound to happen sometimes. Like anything you have to practice to become better. When you notice your mind wandering you will bring your mind back to focus and work on focusing on yours breathes again.

A final thing to remember for beginners, it that often times repeating a mantra can help to keep you on task. Medication with a mantra is one technique like breathing is and it works, but focusing on a single phrase or sound several times until you manage to silence your mind and enter a very deep meditation.


According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO), around 80% of the world’s population currently depends on herbal medicine because of its primary health care. Herbal medicine has been trusted and used globally for thousands of years as a very safe and effective way of treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions. It provides scientific examination and the maximum professional criteria to the field of herbal medicine. The herbal remedies technique requires the study of plants to find out their properties, and the careful application of plants to take care of medical problems.
Herbal remedies can be used for treating various medical conditions like hormonal imbalances, menopause, depression, thyroid conditions, migraines, etc.
In this book, I have tried to present a complete picture of natural remedies. I have described the basics and the incredible benefits that herbal remedies can bring to you.
Well this book is all about what are the natural remedies made up of honey. It would have been boring if this book was all about only remedies and I am sure you can find these recipes on the internet but what this book contains is why you want to use this product honey and what are the different types of honey and finally some important recipes. And let’s not forget why we need to stay healthy by using natural food items.
What we eat is what we become. That’s why many doctors ask us to depend on natural ingredients for our better health. Eating natural foods will make you healthy and fit even in your old age.
Like a finely-tuned automobile, your body needs the right fuel (nourishment) and standard exercises (activity, way of life and mental state of mind) to accomplish your actual health potential. Nothing is more vital than depending on natural diet! Put in the wrong fuel in your automobile and not give proper maintenance then it’s absolutely impossible that it can convey its full power and execution. Without having good diet, your body’s motor will cough, splutter and inevitably breakdown.
Unhealthy eating patterns have added to the obesity epidemic in the United States: around 33% of U.S. grown-ups (33.8%) are obese and around 17% (or 12.5 million) of kids and adolescents that are 2—19 years are obese. Even for individuals who have healthy weight, bad eating patterns are still associated with chronic illness that will give you very tough time in the future. These diseases include coronary illness, (hypertension), type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer. By making the smart choices regarding your food you can prevent all of this in your lifetime and live a quality life.
The danger of getting these chronic illnesses for grown-ups such as heart diseases and type-2 diabetes, are increasingly seen more in youthful ages, this has started to happen because of the consequence of unhealthy eating patterns and overweight.
The eating patterns of any individual starts from their childhood and later these patterns of eating accompany him to his adulthood, so the parents should make sure that they set up good natural food eating habits so that in the future they stay healthy.
The connection between good natural food and healthy weight, decrease the risk of chronic illness, and over your health is too important for you to ignore its needs. By finding a way to eat healthy, you’ll be on the route to getting the supplements your body needs to stay sound, active, and strong. Similarly, as with physical activity if you make small improvements them you can go a long way for sure.
So now that we have established the first thing that you should stay healthy by eating the right food and doing your exercise so that your body does not start to deteriorate in your youthful age and later you start developing problems that you can’t deal with anymore. This natural food items are now being used to cure many illnesses and for prevention purposes because many have started to believe that allopath has more side effects as compared to herbal remedies that have no side effects.
Honey is famous for its natural properties that fight against a number of diseases. Using honey for different healing purposes is not a new thing. About 5,000 years ago, Egyptian physicians used to use it in different cures and compounds. Moreover, a research proved that it has been used in some other old practices from Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine to Mayan Shamanism. In the last decade, there has been a great revolution in scientific research on honey as a medicine at research laboratories, universities and medical colleges around the globe.
Using honey in your daily life can reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and can also help in reducing unwanted weight and body fate. Moreover, it also increases longevity. Raw and pure, unprocessed honey is a way healthier sweetener than simple sugar and fructose syrup. Honey is full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. How many calories does honey has? Only 21 calories per teaspoon.
Living an unhealthy life is not a good idea. Health is wealth. No matter how much wealth you have if you don’t own a good health. A number of fruits and nuts that we eat in our daily life are pollinated by honeybees. Such fruits and nuts are good for our health. Just imagine, if the fruits that are pollinated by honeybees are so beneficial, then how much beneficial the honey itself will be.
If you are tired of visiting doctors and hospitals, this guidebook is for you. You will learn different types of home remedies that can be prepared with the use of honey. Such remedies are going to help you in treating different diseases naturally. Different remedies cure different illnesses. However, you can use honey in each and everything that you eat or drink, it will make your meals and drinks a way healthier and tastier.
Knowledge is necessary before practicing something. What do you know about the history of honey and the types of honey? Without knowing about different types and their uses, you cannot completely gain benefit from honey. If you don’t know anything about honey, don’t be worried, this guidebook teaches each and everything from scratch.