In life we are always faced with situations that need us to make choices that help us decided on what to do. Donald John Trump is a perfect example of people in the world that made good decisions based on the trials and success he has faced. Trump teaches us that every important decision that we make is going to determine what will happen in our lives in the future. Many are the times that we fall victims of bad decisions in life, but Donald trump is further explaining to us that we should always give a thought to what the outcome will be after making a decision. Trump gives us an easy example that is; we have to decide when to get out of bed and what we are going to do as soon as we get up.

There are many different circumstances and decisions outside of our control, that reflect on our lives, such as the regulations and rules from organizations and government. With his experiences in life and in business, he knows that people’s decisions can affect them in a small or a big way.

Furthermore, he wants to teach business and life lessons to different individuals by making everyone realize that having a family is an option that many people have, and it affects every aspect of human life from birth to death. Marrying someone starts with a decision and having children starts with a choice. Saving for your children’s future is an option that many parents are making every day. Succeeding in life and business is a process of continually making choices, which are never easy to make. Donald Trump knows that everything in life is a series of decisions that many of which you control the outcome of, and some you do not. Therefore, succeeding is your choice and yours alone. It is your decision that determines the way that you are going to travel in life, so start making knowledgeable and wise decisions in order to achieve all of your dreams and objectives before it is too late.

A Short Summary of Trump’s Life story

Donald John Trump is one of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs on the planet and is personally one of my favorite entrepreneurs. He is primarily a real estate mogul, author, television personality, and overall CEO of Trump Organization. Donald Trump has his name on almost everything, including books, clothing, board games, iPhone Apps, and more. It is really his great branding and excellent business skills that have gotten him to be as successful as he is.

Life hasn’t been a complete success for Trump, as he was in serious debt with financial trouble in the 1980s and part of the 1990s. Trump experienced slumps with some of his real estate investments, and a sluggish market, which led to Trump owing a lot of people a lot of money, that he couldn’t necessarily pay back on time. Since the later 1990s, Trump has recovered and is said to be worth somewhere around $3 billion.

Some of his most famous buildings include Trump Tower, located on 5th avenue in the heart of New York City, Trump World Tower, which is located in United Nations Tower, in New York City, The Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza, and various real estate he owns throughout the world and New York City. Trump also has owned many different top notch resorts, golf courses, gaming, and more, although some of his gaming locations have faced financial difficulties, especially in the 2008 recession.

Other Trump projects include being part owner of NBC of the Miss Universe Pageant, which is always extremely popular. Other Trump businesses include Trump Financial, Trump University, Trump Sales and Leasing, Donald J. Trump Signature Collection (clothing), Trump Magazine, Trump Golf, Trump Vodka, Trump steaks, and more. Trump has also written over 14 books so far in his career, with no end to stop. After reading some of his books, they were actually pretty interesting, and occasionally helpful, although reading them will not turn you into a millionaire. He is also part of the hit show on NBC, The Apprentice, which is part of why he has been in the public spotlight so much in recent years.

Donald Trump is a very well-known and well-respected businessman. If you have not heard his name, you have probably been living in the bush your whole life. Some of the things that Donald Trump is primarily known for is his large real Donald Trump knows how to build wealth. Donald Trump has built fortunes and then lost it in a recession. But what remains is that Trump can build an empire regardless of the situation.

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